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Why Study in Philippines?

Studying medicine in Philippines is one of the best opportunities available for aspirants. It gives aspirants a chance to study various programs in Philippines. It follows the American education system, therefore students can also get credit transfer option to study medicine in USA, or to study medicine in Caribbean region too. Getting comprehensive education and a multicultural study environment for international students is an advantage for all. Many universities are highly renowned and offer globally recognised medical education. Here are top reasons to choose Philippines to pursue your medical education:

Ama School of Medical
Ama school of medicine (AMASOM) is the medical. School of Ama education system(AMAES). It is houred in AMA college makati,which is stratigically locatted at the heart of Makati city ,Weather: summer is from march to may.Monsoon is from june to october.November to february is cool with fair weather.Average day temperature ,is 22.2 c to 31.6 c with humidity at 77 percent.

    Adaventage of Philippines.

  •   Education STANDARD is Excellent.
  •   USA/Americal pattern of education is folowed
  •   English is the offical language of the Philippiness
  •   Low fees-75%lower than fees in private colleges in India.
  •   Easily accessible from India withy daily fligjhts of philipines.
  •   Tropical Diseases similar to India -great clinical training.
  •   Indian food available.
  •   Education gateway to countries like USA & UK.
  •   Philippines has educated & sent 2nd largest number of foreign Doctors to USA.
  •   Over 20,000 foraign students are enrolled in Philippiens.
  •   Heighest MCI pass rate is from Philippines.


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